In your light I learn how to love
In your beauty how to make poems
You dance inside my chest where no one sees you
But sometimes I do and that sight becomes this art


If You But Knew
How all my days seemed filled with dreams of you,
How sometimes in the silent night
Your eyes trill through me with their tender light,
How oft I hear your voice when others speak,
How your mid other forms I seek
Oh, love more real than though such dreams were true,
If You Buy Knew

Could You Buy Guess
How you alone make all my happiness,
How I am more than willing for your sake
To stand alone, give all and nothing take,
Nor chafe to think you bound while I am free,
Quite free, to death, to love you silently,
Could You But Guess.

Could You But Learn.
How when you doubt my truth I sadly yearn
To tell you all, to stand for one brief space
Unfettered, soul to soul, face to face,
To crown you King, my King, till life shall end,
My lover and likewise my truest friend,
Would you love me, dearest, as fondly in return?
Could You But Learn

~Noelle Nance~