In your light I learn how to love
In your beauty how to make poems
You dance inside my chest where no one sees you
But sometimes I do and that sight becomes this art

Broken Hero

One glance, she sees what he'd though he'd hid so well
Last chance salvation, from her eternal hell
Behind his sword is hid her lonely broken heart
His shield, a refuge as she hides behind his art

And she gives all she can to heal any pain
His mirror reflecting her beauty in vain.
She stands in his reign as he pours out his glory
Bathed in his waters, all for his-story

His story of a broken hero who visits her at night
Whispering in her ear, "Everything will be alright."
We'll get through this together, Honey, you and I
Just focus on my eyes and I will sing your lullaby.

Gina Gina 

This Lovely Dance

I knew that you wanted honesty...
So slight the light, I could not see
I joked and stroked and pet your head
I lie, oh my, the tears I shed
I'm smitten my kitten by words you possess
No reason for treason, remember suppress
I played and stayed a bit too long
And now, oh wow, this can't be wrong
I bleed and plead for one more chance
Don't end, my friend, this lovely dance
I knew that you wanted honesty
So slight the light, I could not see...

~ GG ~ 

Passion's Scent

I speak of love with but a sigh,
Faith from above, no reason why.
You flow with grace, and touch my soul,
I touch your face, you make me whole.
I'm born again inside of You,
Passion's scent with hope anew.
I speak of love with but a sigh,
Faith from above, no reason why 


Missing Piece

In a castle, in the hills of... Ohio?
She was born at midnight
A red rose... perfumed with desire.

The One piece that he couldn't find
That missing piece... fell right into his lap
The last piece of his puzzle.


Release my life of fear with the balm of your written word
I've found passion in Wisdom's harmonious laughter
Suddenly transparent, amidst falling upon the blade of desire
Raging silence is hissing it's dance
The nameless hollow echo, pleading...

Undone Am I

My love knows only that conception of emotion itself is upon me
With his kiss of life, undone am I
Every touch is sweetly harboring abundant life
And I am found full of color
Love displayed brilliantly in rainbow-painted grandeur

Love Becomes Art

Lamp lit night
... timeless delight
Tongue flamed fire... knowledge of desire
Forbidden schemes... breeze blown dreams
Subservient heart... love becomes art

The Apple of My Eye

If King David were here oh what would I do?
I'd act like Bathsheba and give him a bath to view.
I'd let down my hair and let him touch my breast
I'd do all that he commanded, I'd lay upon his chest
I'd say, "Oh David, Baby, please write for me a psalm...
You speak to me like no other, you make my spirit calm."
I'd run and fetch his arrows and bring them back all clean
I'd give him royal children, he'd want no other Queen.
And when he got so jealous a life he'd plan to take
I'd stand with him and hold his hand and not attend the wake.
That's what I'd do for my David, you see, he's really quite the king
Enchanting him with the golden rule, I'd make his spirit sing!
~ GG ~

Black Tears

Black tears... Shadows no other can see
Your face... Is constantly haunting me
Healing... That can never be given it's place
Mercy... Missing and I so need Love's grace
Your scent... On my pillow so faint... making me cry
Questions... Over run me, they are asking me, "Why?"
The steam... Shows the heart that you drew on the mirror
Our dream... Stolen because I refused to see clearer
Black tears... Shadows no other can see
Your face... Is constantly haunting me.
~ gg

Love's Aroma

What is that sweet smell?
What have I let myself touch?
It must have been you...
Delicious desire.
A soft fragrance my message.
Love is nature's scent...
Inhale... taste the air...
I can barely speak your name.
Oh, love's aroma.


Uncut Roses

Love once young... remains...
With faded dreams and overgrown thornbushes...
Our uncut roses now kiss...


What's Inside?

It was late last night... I followed you home like a spy
You couldn't see me because I was dressed like a fly
You let yourself in, and quietly lit a candle
In the shadow, opened your safe, pulling on its handle
Falling on your face heartbroken on the ground
Eyes filled with tears your soul echoed a sad sound
It was agony that I saw in your spirit just then
I began to cry, too... just remembering when
Then closing your safe you wiped your sad eyes
Got in bed with your wife quietly hiding your sighs
But I needed to know what had hurt you so bad
What was locked there inside that had made you so sad?
So I broke open your safe... only to see
One single item, an old picture of me.


Where Would King Solomon Be?

Poor sad Bathsheba
If King David had said, "NO!"
No sin would they share...
Happy would be Uriah...
And Solomon would not be.



Ravish Me Valentine

I am quivering here alone,
Since we last hid and met.
With twenty three words spoken,
I am ravished and I am set.
I want to be with you this moment,
And forever in paradise.
But just to have one evening with you,
Would be oh so nice.
This world would never condone,
What I am feeling deep inside.
I am doomed to be an outcast
For this love can not be denied.
Oh, Cupid, my dear stupid Cupid,
Why couldn't my heart arrows miss?
Now all my life I will suffer,
Without his everlasting kiss.


It Was Just A Kiss

It was just a kiss and yet my soul's eternal breath
A moment on your lips has rescued me from death
Our spirits soar becoming one entwined in flesh and skin
I tremble in awe like never before as your soul is entering in
Complete in your arms you hold me so close as I softly cry
Your melody found it's way to my mouth
bringing your sweet lullaby.

Be Still My Soul

Be still my soul as I hide my love inside
Don’t beat my heart, don’t show the tears I’ve cried
Spirits again hurled into this world of pain
To live without you would be living life in vain

How will you know that I'm the one you've lost
You vowed to find me no matter what the cost 
My blood it burns for I know that you are near
But heat can be confusing and that is what I fear

Oh let the coolness of my scent calm the raging fire
Let my spirit guide you into your heart's desire
Embrace the love we knew in life we lived before 
Be still my soul, let him search for me once more

~Gina Giambone~


I Sigh

I was wounded

Your scent healed my hushed desire

Awkward mouths finding forgotten kisses

Tasting your whispers I sigh



Drunk Again

I crumble drunk on his smile
His love is in my blood
And now desire is the path I face.

How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach,
when feeling out of sight. For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use in my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose with my lost saints,
I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life!
and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.

~Sonnets From the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning~


I've got a siren
Calling me from over the ocean
In a voice sweet and clear
She slowly melts away my fear

There is a sun that rises in the west
Going against all possibility
She hides behind clouds of rain
Washing away my pain

My skin feels fingers touching
Stretching over the mountains and seas
Nails piercing my skin
Bleeding away my sin

The moon allows me to look in her eyes
In her beauty and past I drown
Filling my lungs with a world of bliss
Choking me with all that I miss

Tenderly she strips me of my life
With a vengeance she attacks my pain
Killing all shame and regret
Giving me a new life yet

~Michael Alexander~


If You But Knew
How all my days seemed filled with dreams of you,
How sometimes in the silent night
Your eyes trill through me with their tender light,
How oft I hear your voice when others speak,
How your mid other forms I seek
Oh, love more real than though such dreams were true,
If You Buy Knew

Could You Buy Guess
How you alone make all my happiness,
How I am more than willing for your sake
To stand alone, give all and nothing take,
Nor chafe to think you bound while I am free,
Quite free, to death, to love you silently,
Could You But Guess.

Could You But Learn.
How when you doubt my truth I sadly yearn
To tell you all, to stand for one brief space
Unfettered, soul to soul, face to face,
To crown you King, my King, till life shall end,
My lover and likewise my truest friend,
Would you love me, dearest, as fondly in return?
Could You But Learn

~Noelle Nance~



Many in aftertimes will say of you
"He Loved her"
while of me what will they say?
Not that I loved you more than just in play,
For fashion's sake as idle women do.
Even let them prate;
who know not what we knew
Of love and parting in exceeding pain.
Of parting hopeless here to meet again,
Hopeless on earth,
and heaven is out of view.
But my heart of love laid bare to you.
My love that you can make not void nor vain,
Love that foregoes you but to claim anew
Beyond this passage of the gate of death,
I charge you at the Judgement make it plain
My love of you was life and not a breath